About Us

Welcome to Forever Wardrobe, your go-to to help you build and maintain a capsule wardrobe (with a few not-so-capsule pieces throughout the seasons to spice things up a bit). 

We're dedicated to offering you the best options of closet staples, with a focus on sustainable fashion and style.  

The Forever Wardrobe brand was created for the fashionable, eco-sustainably-conscious, independent woman who wants to dress well but keep it simple. 

Reuse it. Rethink it. Let it age

Greetings, I'm Heidi, the founder of Forever Wardrobe.  During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, I found myself unemployed and relocating back to my home state, Minnesota.  I quickly moved my stuff (20% household items/furniture and 80% wardrobe boxes) into storage.  I packed up my suitcases with the "essentials" and "basics" to get me through the next few months. Here we are several months later, and I'm still rocking those basics and not missing anything in those "I'll wear that again someday" or "that will come back in style" boxes.  I realized that my closet (now boxes) were overflowing with "fast fashion" and ever-so-changing trends.  No wonder I always stood in front of my closet screaming, I have nothing to wear. 

Taking this dilemma and coupling it with my love for fashion, helping people, and entrepreneurial spirit, I give you Forever Wardrobe

I hope you find some happily-ever-after pieces within my collections that will bring you happiness for years to come. 


Happy Shopping and cheers!!